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  • Building culture

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Vicki Edwards-Brown

To support young people’s development Vicki works in alignment with the Ministry of Youth Development's ' six key principles' and their goals from that which are: strengths-based approach, quality relationships, youth participation and informed approach.

Vicki provides a programme to schools and their communities that empower youth engagement, to help them make safe connections with each other and strengthen their own communities, working together as a positive alternative to bullying”.

She does this by incorporating ‘Social and Emotional Learning’. SEL is based on the understanding that the best learning emerges in the context of supportive relationships that make learning challenging, engaging, and meaningful; social and emotional skills are critical to being a good student, citizen, and adult; and many different risky behaviours (e.g. drug use, violence, bullying, self-harm and dropping out) can be prevented or at least reduced when we develop students’ social and emotional skills.

Programmes are designed with the Values and Principles of the New Zealand Curriculum as its core (it is ideally suited for use within the learning area of Health and Physical Education).

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Ignition Project

We know that your young people are powerful agents of change, they have the most wisdom about how the social dynamics of their schools leverage with their peers when it comes to encouraging pro-social behaviors. 

We've incorporated our recently successful #Upstand social-action campaign (co-designed by young people), with the best parts of our 3-hour workshop to bring you a powerful 45-minute presentation.  

This experiential Assembly-sized workshop will effectively educate and empower young people (and their parents/whanau/community members) to be #Upstanders!

It will include active learning techniques such as evidenced-based information,videos (including our latest production written by18-year-old student and competition winner), music, fun games and demonstrations that will involve the audience, plus prizes!

Studies have shown us that youth development is triggered when young people fully participate, therefore at the end of the presentation,

20 students will be offered the opportunity to create their very own "Be the Change (insert your school name) Team".

The volunteers will receive a free Be The Change NZ badge, notebook with educational cards inside and tote bag,this will help spread the positive messages and encourage others to join.

Be The Change NZ will help facilitate a pro-social event chosen by the youth-led team and will continue to support throughout the year - the more events that each school and community runs the more this positive culture is embedded.